food driveAlong with needing food, for a successful mobile food drive you will also need power. There are a lot of food drives that happen during the daytime hours, so you may not imagine needing power, but there is still a need. You have to keep the cold foods cold and have a speaker set up to ensure that everyone can hear what you have to say. In the event that we have an evening event, which often correlates with feeding the homeless hot meals, we also have to worry about lights and other things. Therefore, a top priority for us is always figuring out how to best handle powering up our portable events. Luckily, we and many other mobile food units that have discovered the key.

Power Is a Necessity

mobile food drivesEven though mobile units are designed to be portable, they still may not have enough power to handle a situation where there are a few hundred people waiting. It may not have the power to run a lot of lights, large speakers, and everything else that may be required to ensure it is a success. To do that, you need a power source that can generate ample amounts of power. That is one of the main reasons that a lot of mobile units have a 2000-watt inverter generator as a backup power source for their biggest events.

Choosing the Right Generator

mobile food unitsEven if you do not have a mobile unit that delivers food to the homeless and others who are in need, you can still use a powerful generator. They are designed for larger events, but many people have begun using them when they go tailgating or camping in the woods with their smart phones. Many of these generators can stack well with others like them and this allows you to power up even more. The downside is that some of the “best” generators are not up to par when you use them. It is a mistake that many people have already made. Therefore, we suggest that take the same advice that we did. We went online and found the top 2000 watt generator at and read all the reviews for it that we could. When we purchased, we were able to buy with confidence that we had made the right choice and so far, we have not been disappointed.

What Will You Use Extra Power For?

People choose generator power for a variety of things. They use powerful generators for their RV, they use them as a backup power source for their homes, for outdoor concerts, weddings, and pool parties. The truth is; there are many things that you could use it for, and many of them you may not even have considered at this time. Often, people say that they will never have a need for 2000 watts, until they have it and then they cannot imagine what they did without it. Honestly, before we found our new generator; we were in the same position and now we understand why they are available. We also wish that we had made the upgrade much sooner and feel that you will as well.